We stumbled across the Noosa Beach House when looking for somewhere to eat in Noosa (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia) recently. Nice size place and able to accommodate a group of 5 at short notice.

Being from not-Australia we hadn’t heard of Peter Kuravita, unaware of the celebrity status, but having sampled the menu now I am sold – fantastic food. I will absolutely be hunting out some of Peter’s  other restaurants.

I ordered the Tempura Fish – which was excellent on its own, but it came with a bowl of salad-y goodness that so far as I remember, is the first thing I’ve ever eaten that has been such an explosion of perfectly balanced flavours that I got goosebumps the second it hit my taste buds. Wish I could find what it actually was … I’ll ask around and post back if I find it.



My wife had the Sri Lankan Snapper Curry – quite different to what we were expecting – the curry was served separate allowing you to pour your own to taste. Again, a perfectly balanced dish that the staff were even generous enough to give us the curry recipe for.


Staff were lovely, attentive, informative, but not ever in the way.

Recommend? You bet!


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